4 Ways to Be a Welcoming Church to Special-Needs Families:

I’m confident every church can move from ‘We think people with disabilities would be welcome’ to ‘We know they would be welcome.’

How special needs inclusion changes the culture of the church:

When James pulls up a seat at the table and joins them at the banquet—when they actually see him—the entire church culture can change in miraculous ways.

Four Signs Your Church Needs a Special-Needs Ministry:

We know pastors are busy and don’t see every need in the church, so we’ve come up with four signs your church may need a special-needs ministry (and we have resources to help).

What Special-Needs Families Really Want from the Churches We Attend:

There’s really just two things I want from the church we attend: I want them to keep James safe and I want them to love him.

Four Fears That Hold Churches Back from Doing Special-Needs Ministry:

Doing special-needs ministry doesn’t have to be scary! Families like mine need the hope of the gospel. You can share the love of Christ as your church lives out the mission of Christ!

Five Qualities the Best Special-Needs Ministries Have in Common:

I’ve noticed that the churches who have the strongest special-needs ministry programs have at least five qualities in common.

What we mean when we say our new church is “special needs-friendly”?

We’re excited to see how God will teach and stretch us in the coming months as we are sent out from our supporting church, build a launch team, serve our neighborhoods, and start preview services. We hope to spread the message that all churches should be special-needs friendly and show it can be done even in the smallest of churches. Knowing what we mean when we say our church is special-needs friendly is a good place to start!

Four Reasons Not to Have a Special-Needs Ministry (and why they are ridiculous)

Looking at the top four excuses we hear for not doing special-needs ministry and sharing why we don’t think they are good enough reasons to exclude families like mine.

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