Linking up today with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky to share what we learned in August! Can you believe September is almost here?! August was a fun month with lots of family time. Here are some of the lessons I learned:

  • learned in AugustThe very nice guy at the Rocky statue in Philadelphia will offer to take a picture of you and knows the best place to stand, even as it’s getting dark. He will also expect a tip.
  • When I mentioned that Justin Timberlake was reuniting  on the VMAs with his former group, my husband said, “Backstreet’s back!” I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. He knows so little about boy bands.
  • I decided I needed a new ringtone for when my husband texted, so I downloaded Han Solo saying, “Yahoo!” Seemed like a good idea, but the first few times I heard a man yelling “yahoo!” from the other room, I jumped! It’s been two weeks now and I’m still not 100% used to it.
  • It is possible (and if you’re as fair-skinned as I am, it’s probable) you will sun burn if you sit on the beach for three hours, even if it’s just 70 degrees. Thankfully, since it was 70 degrees, most of me was covered up.
  • We will survive the first few days of kindergarten. Since my younger son is mostly non-verbal, we rely on notes from his teacher and aide to really know how it went, but everyone said it went great! That first day it felt like he was gone forever, but we survived!
  • We will also survive the first few days of 2nd grade at home. Some of what my big boy learned in 1st grade has been forgotten, but he did make progress in reading over the summer!

What did you learn in August?

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