We’re half way through winter and it’s time to share “what saving my life right now” with Modern Mrs. Darcy (It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds; you can read where she gets the phrase in her post).

  • Antibiotics and probiotics. January is always a tough health month and this year I’ve had a sinus infection. I still haven’t completely kicked it (four weeks with a fever over 100!), but I don’t feel as badly as I did earlier in January, so I’m thankful for the medicine.
  • Nuts. We’re on a low-carb diet and all my usual go-to snack options are on the high-carb side. So I’ve been grabbing a handful of nuts when I get hungry. I should also say cheat day is saving my life, because it’s much easier to say no to carbs when you know there’s a day you can eat all you want to! (We’re using Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Body).
  • Looking forward to our trip to Boston and D.C. next month. Lee and I were talking last year about how we may currently be in the easiest season we’ll be in with James—he’s in a good school routine, he’s healthy, he’s sleeping well, and we live near my parents (and they are in good health and can help). We decided this may be the time to travel since we won’t ever be empty-nesters. We were dreaming of a trip to Seattle, but when we were invited to speak at the Accessibility Summit in D.C., we decided that would be our big trip for the year. Since we lived near D.C. and visited there often, we’ve decided to fly to Boston a few days before and then go down to D.C. We’ve never been to Boston and we’re really excited about the trip!
  • Houston. Living near Houston has been so fun lately with the Super Bowl in town. Lee and David when to the fan experience last night and had a fun time together!

  • Short novels, like Dark Matter by Black Crouch and My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say short. They come in at 352 and 240 pages, but I read both very quickly (stayed up until 1 am reading Dark Matter, and then another hour just thinking about it). Maybe they seemed short compared to Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry, the book we read for book club this week. Dark Matter was really good and hard to explain without giving too much away. Lucy Barton is also good, but a little quirky.
  • Taking the boys to school and picking them up. James got a new teacher this week, and we are so sad to see his former teacher move on, even though we know it’s best for her. I’m especially thankful I get to speak to the new teacher in the mornings and afternoons. She’s brand new to teaching and I hope I’m as encouraging to her as she is to us!

How has your winter been so far? What’s saving your life right now?

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