As special-needs families, it’s hard to go to church and easy to make excuses. But we do hard things.

I’m a church girl. I grew up faithfully attending. I found a church as soon as possible when I went off to college. I got involved in a new one soon after moving to go to seminary. And then I married a preacher.

I don’t really have a choice on going to church or not, so I have learned how to make it easier for special-needs families like ours to find a church that welcomes them or start a special-needs ministry in the church they already attend.

Here’s what I’ve written on the topic:

I know it isn’t easy. But God tells us to gather together. And when we take a chance in obedience to Him, I trust He meets us there and helps make a way for us to attend church as a family.

I’m praying for special-needs families who put in the extra effort it takes to get everyone to church regularly.

I’m praying for the special-needs families who stay home, who feel unable to put in the effort or those who don’t feel welcome when they do put in the effort.

And I’m praying for churches to take the steps necessary so all types of families will be welcome to worship with them.

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