The lovely Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy invited her readers to show off our bookshelves on her site today! I love to look at bookshelves when we visit someone’s house or office, so having all these bookshelves in one place will be so fun! We have bookshelves and book stacks all over the house, so I’m taking you on a tour around the place, showing my work books, my family members’ books, and even cookbooks! Hope you enjoy!

We’ll start the tour at my desk. I work from home as a freelance editor, so the books I use most often are handy when I need them. I just finished a 31 Days series on books for writers, if you want to see more over on my editing site.

My husband Lee and I released this Bible study for special-needs parents in September. This stack is on my desk waiting to be mailed off!

I homeschool our eight-year-old son David, and my priority this year is to help him fall in love with books. He has dyslexia, so reading isn’t easy for him, but listening to me read is lots of fun. Here’s the stack on my bedside table we’ve been reading together recently.

Moving on to the living room, these are some of our favorite books and series on display on the piano.

And in the dining room, here are some of my cookbooks. The Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen are two of my favorites, especially as I start to plan our holiday meals.

My husband Lee is a pastor and is currently working on his doctorate. This is his stack, which is usually on the floor in the dining room since that’s where he works when he’s home.

One of my favorite stacks, these are James’s books. James is six and has autism, which for him means his favorite books have been his favorites for years. I’m not sure how many copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar we’ve been through, but each one has been loved.

Our basement has a wall of bookshelves, which I love. My background includes two degrees that require more reading than most (English in college and women’s studies in seminary), so this is home base for so many of my favorites. They did require a little dusting, since I’m not discussing The Scarlet Letter with seventeen-year-olds or finding the roots of Greek words like I was ten years ago, but I like knowing my favorites are close by. Below are a couple close-ups of some of the shelves, one devoted to mostly books about special-needs issues and diet changes, and the other with my favorite classic paperbacks.

Thanks for taking a tour of my bookshelves and book stacks!

Do you have books all over the house?
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