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As caregivers, self care isn’t optional. We have to take care of ourselves so we can care for those who depend on us!

My view of self care isn’t about self-sufficiency, self-fulfillment, or self-righteousness—it’s about dependence on God. You weren’t created to live a life of exhaustion, excuses, or extreme mood swings. You were created to abide in Christ.

Self Care and Soul Care for the Caregiver is purposeful and practical. It doesn’t add more to your to-do list—it transforms your to-do list for better fulfillment and efficiency. I hope you’ll listen, and that it will be a blessing to you!

The most recent episodes: 

March 2022

088: Lauren’s Last Episode: An Update and a Blessing

February 2022

087: Marriage and Disability Parenting

086: Finding Your Caregiving Team on Social Media

085: Reflections on Vocation as a Caregiver

January 2022

084: My Experience with Caregiver Burnout

083: What We’re Saying No to in 2022

082: What I Talk about with My Therapist

081: What We’ve Learned about Setting Goals from our Kids’ Therapists

December 2021

080: How to Choose One Word for 2022

079: Why Advent is the Solution You Need

November 2021

One Word for 2022

078: Hosting the Holidays as a Caregiving Family

077: When You Need to Put Everything on Auto Pilot

076: Gift Guide for Abiding Caregivers

October 2021

075: A Safe Space for Spiritual Pain and the Holidays

074: Add Rest to Your Holiday To Do List

073: Creating Holiday Traditions That Work for Your Unique Family

September 2021

072: 3 Ways to Care for Your Soul This Fall

071: Adjusting to Our New Fall Routines

070: Fall Self Care Habits

069: Meet Our New Co-Host, Lauren D. Crow!

May 2021

068: Our Summer Plans & Priorities 

067: Supporting Special Needs Siblings

April 2021

066: Help for Fast and Slow Decision Makers

065: Going First in Friendship

March 2021

064: How to Heal from Being Hurt by the Church, with Pastor Lee Peoples

063: The Why Behind Hobbies: (why I have a garden, buy BBQ sauce in bulk, and have learned lots of theatre lingo)

062: Spring Cleaning Challenge

061: Read, Watch, Listen Recommendations from Winter 2021

060: Changes Coming to Churches in 2021 that Will Affect Special Needs Families

February 2021

059: Caring for Yourself As You Manage Other Peoples’ Emotions

058: 6 Ways to Increase Your Step Count

057: Picking a Bible Study/Bible Reading Plan

January 2021

056: Our Updated Menu Planning Routine

055: Celebrating the Sabbath as Abiding Caregivers

054: How to Get Unstuck as You Work toward Your Goals

053: Begin As You Mean to Go On

December 2020

052: Favorite Books Read in 2020

051: Caregiving Characters and Comforting Stories We Love, with Katie M. Reid // Ep. 51

November 2020

050: Reflection Questions for the End of the Year

049: Navigating Complicated Family Relationships with Diane Dokko Kim

048: 10 Things That Worked for Me in 2020

047: Reflecting on Ten Years Since James’s Autism Diagnosis 

October 2020

046: An Invitation to Those Who Have Stopped Praying

045: How Our Suffering Points to Our Savior with Meg Apperson (author of Sky Full of Stars)

044: Creating a Bucket List for the Rest of 2020

043: How to Abide in Christ During the Election Season

September 2020

042: Let It Go: The Practice of Benevolent Detachment

041: Speaking the 5 Love Languages with Our Special-Needs Families, with Jolene Philo

040: Changes We’ve Made to Get More Sleep

039: The Sins We Face as Caregivers

August 2020

038: Managing Your Mental Health with Gillian Marchenko

037: Answering Listener Questions with Lee

036: Creating a Rhythm that Works for the New School Year

035: Read, Watch, Listen: Recommendations 

034: Social Media Self Care

July 2020

033: How to Make a Decision about the Upcoming School Year (or make any hard decision)

032: Caring for Others as You Care for Yourself, with Tonya Nash

031: Reflecting on the First Six Months of Episodes

June 2020

030: Lessons I’m Learning to Live By

029: For the Days You Don’t Feel Seen

028: 5 Goals I Have for Each Day This Summer and Helpful App Recommendations 

027: Self-Care for Peacemakers

026: The Decision Fatigue We’ll Face as We Adjust to Life after the Pandemic

May 2020

025: When You Feel Like a Failure at the End of the Day

024: Letting Yourself Feel All the Feels

023: Finding Joy on Mother’s Day with Becky Davidson

022: Writing New Stories for Ourselves 

April 2020

021: Fixing the “Broken Windows” Around Our Houses

020: Self-Care During Your Cycle

019: 3 Hard Things, 3 Good Things, and 3 Things I’ll Remember from This Season

018: Introverts and Extroverts as Caregivers with Kim Albrecht

March 2020

017: Gifts to Give Your Future Self

016: How to Reset a Bad Day and Recover after a Meltdown 

015: How Caregiving Families Can Prepare for Emergencies and Epidemics

014: Encouragement for Caregivers During Hospital Stays (with guest Stephanie McKeever)

013: The Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe and Monday Uniform

February 2020

012: Solutions for Stressful Seasons

011: Menu Planning: The Key to Making Every Week Go Smoother

010: Setting a Feeling-Based Goal for Your Marriage

009: The Division of Labor at Our House (with guest Lee Peoples)

January 2020

008: Establishing Habit Triggers

007: Creating Your Ideal Week

006: How Decision Fatigue Leads to Caregiver Burnout and How to Eliminate It

005: Creating a Personal Purpose Statement 

004: Reflecting on 2019 for a Better 2020 – 6 questions to answer

Dec 2019 series- Keys to a Calm Christmas

Responding to Others’ Expectations 

Managing Our Own Emotions and Reactions

Practical Help for Challenging Moments over Christmas Break

Bonus Episode: Remember You Aren’t Alone